If you are ordering individual cleaning, we recommend that you take a good look at what is included in each service category and assess your needs based on that.

For regular service, it is common to start with a thorough cleaning (silver or gold plan), and maintain it with bronze cleaning. It can always be updated at short notice.

The most popular version is to have a two-week bronze cleaning.

Yes, we always bring all the cleaners, rags, vacuum cleaners, etc. However, it is always good to know if there is a good vacuum cleaner in the home and if there are stairs accessible.

It depends on the size of the premises, the circumstances, the services you order and how many employees are sent to do the job. The bronze cleaning usually takes the shortest time, and the gold cleaning the longest.

We aim to complete all work within the day, but moving cleaning can take longer.

It’s entirely up to you. You can stay at home, you can let us in and out or if you are completely absent, you can leave the keys in the key box or entrance. In regular cleaning, it is convenient to give us a key.

It depends on the job status at any given time. One week’s notice should ensure we can arrive on the day you request. If the day you request is booked, we will try our best to find a free time that suits you.

However, there are often free hours in between, so the notice does not necessarily have to be too much in advance.

Certain normal peak times are, e.g. for Christmas and Easter, and must therefore be ordered with much longer notice. The first orders before Christmas always arrive to us many months in advance. Regular customers are always a priority during these peak hours.

This is not an ilegal activity and you will always receive an invoice. Our staff has good cleaning experience, is cheerful and service-minded, and of course has a clean criminal record. All our employees need to sign a release/contract.

Yes, we always try to send the same person to the works. The reason why this might change, would be if there is an occasional illness or work permit issue, which changes the line-up of the teams, often at short notice. However, it should never affect the quality of the cleaning.

It’s no problem. In the order, just order the first cleaning and then you can let us know, either in the order form itself or by contacting us in due course.


You will receive an invoice by e-mail, and the corresponding claim will be sent to an online bank. The deadline for the claim should be after the cleaning takes place, so you have the opportunity to comment on the quality of the cleaning, if any.

In regular cleaning, one invoice is sent at the end of the month, with deadlines at the end of that same month. This invoice covers all the cleaning that has taken place and/or will take place during that month.

We recommend that you cancel as soon as possible. If it is canceled within 24 hours before the cleaning takes place, we reserve the right to send a scrubbing fee (ISK 5,000). This is because it is unlikely that we will be able to reallocate lost time in such a short time.

You can see our price list here.

If we have come and cleaned your house and we do not meet your expectations, we encourage you to contact us. We want to make it up to you and keep track of your failures.